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By Jim Gerland and Mark Winer

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Chemistry Web Sites

The web links on this web site were compiled by Dr. Harry Pence, Professor of Chemistry, SUNY Oneonta,, Dr. Jimmy Purser, Professor of Chemistry and Computer Studies, Millsaps College,, and myself. I would like to thank both Harry and Jimmy for their contributions and support.

Western New York Chemistry Sites

Sites That Made Both Lists of Favorite Sites

Dr. Pence's Favorite Sites

Dear Jim,

Here's a quick list of URLs, chosen to both give access to a large number of other sites and also to provide some great photos that should impress chemists. I think the IBM STM site is wonderful!
By the way, my home page is It's in process of development, but I think it's beginning to look interesting. still in the process of being developed, but I think it's beginning to look interesting.
Have fun with the chemists; remember a chemist always has a good retort!

General Chemistry Web Sites

Special Topics

Dr. Jimmy Purser's Favorite Sites

Here's a list of my favorite sites. Good luck with your presentations! My home page is at

General Chemistry Sites

Last revised: September 24, 1997